DELAWARE CO., Ohio (WTVN) -- Two men were injured after a helicopter crash near the Delaware-Union County line Thursday afternoon.


"They were just outside the helicopter itself, on the ground," said Radnor Twp. Fire Chief Randy Butts.


The crash sparked a fire in the corn field where the chopper came down. Lt. Craig Cvetan with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says that caused a delay for rescue crews getting to the victims.


"We do know that two people have been transported to OSU. Both with non-life threatening injuries," Cvetan said.


Medical helicopters landed near the crash scene at Neel and Welch Roads in Thompson Twp. in Delaware County.


It's not clear where the men took off from or where they were trying to go. An aircraft registration number reported by the Ohio State Highway Patrol comes back to a private aircraft owned by a Columbus man.


State Troopers will take the lead on the ingestion into what happened.


"Troopers do handle plane crashes and helicopter crashes, but we rely heavily on our aviation section to assist them with these crashes since they have knowledge about aircraft," Cvetan said.


It's unknown at this time what caused the crash.