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Ed Sheeran is taking to Twitter to express his opinion about the Westboro Baptist Church protesters, who showed up at Taylor Swift's "Red" concert in Kansas City over the weekend. 

The protest had been long-planned by the controversial group, that's known for targeting celebrities.  The protesters who showed up outside the Sprint Center on Saturday had accused the 23-year-old country star of "strutting across the world like a proud whore" and encouraging "fornicating." 

But Sheeran had his friend's back, telling Westboro Baptist to "keep your homophobic views to yourself," reminding them that "it's 2013."  The British singer-songwriter has joined Taylor on the North American leg of her "Red" tour since earlier this year.  

Sheeran is far from the first star to call out the group.  Fellow Brit, Harry Styles, tweeted about Westboro Baptist last month when they carried out a protest against his boy band One Direction. Harry had written that "despite the company outside," he believes in "equal rights for everyone" and that "God loves all."

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