(Yahoo!) - Sorry, Amanda Bynes fans … your favorite Twitter account is not back online yet.

Followers of Amanda's tweets, who number over 3.2 million, were surprised to see a post from her account on Saturday.

It read simply:

That's pretty much par for the course with the tweets that she had been sending prior to her hospitalization for a psychiatric evaluation in late July. But contrary to the common human instinct to believe everything one reads online, a lawyer for Bynes says the "Hairspray" star's account has been hacked.

"Amanda's Twitter account has been hacked," the 27-year-old's court appointed lawyer Tamar Arminak said in a statement. "She is at the UCLA Medical Center with no access to phones or computers."

If her Twitter account has indeed been hacked, then apparently her Facebook account (with over 62,000 Likes) has been compromised for some time now as well. There have been 14 posts made to the account since her hospitalization. Most of the Facebook posts have been equally nonsensical.

And Amanda's social media could remain out of her control for some time to come. TMZ reported on Friday that the troubled former actress could be held in mental health care centers for up to a year, although the goal is to keep her there for only 60 more days. The site added that she was being transferred from the facility in Thousand Oaks, California, that she has been held in, to UCLA Medical Center for the remaining portion of her long-term hold.

TMZ also reports that Amanda's stay could get costly. A single day there reportedly costs $3,500. That's $210,000 for 60 days. Let's hope she has medical insurance!

Photo Credit Splash News