Every day we enter passwords into our phones, tablets and computers to access everything from email to bank accounts. We probably don't think of them much, except for getting annoyed when we have to change them. But one man says changing his password changed his life.

Mauricio Estrella, a creative director based in Shanghai, was at work when he got a routine message to change his log-in password. Estrella was going through a terrible divorce at the time and decided to use the opportunity to be more positive. He changed his password to Forgive@h3r [forgive her], and he claims it changed his entire outlook on life.

On his personal blog he explained, "I had to type this statement several times a day. Each time my computer would lock. Each time my screensaver with her photo would appear. Each time I would come back from eating lunch alone. That simple action changed the way I looked at my ex-wife. That constant reminder that I should forgive her led me to accept the way things happened at the end of my marriage, and embrace a new way of dealing with the depression that I was drowning in."

His positive outlook led to another password change, Askherfordate, which eventually led to Save4ring. Talk about some positive daily affirmations changing a person's entire life.

Experts say using a positive password, a technique clinically described as password psychotherapy, is extremely effective. One psychologist explained, "People become the words and phrases they say the most. Since you use passwords a lot, you continually say positive, helpful, uplifting words to improve your life."

Basically, if you tell yourself good stuff enough times a day, some of that good energy will sink in and start to reflect on your mood and behavior. That's pretty cool.