As you know by listening to my show, I am a big fan of riding bicycles. With that, I am also a huge supporter of our Marion County Park District and it's Tallgrass Trail. Saturday is the Heart of Ohio Tailwinds H.O.T. Tamale Bike Tour. I'm a member of the local cycle club and will be participating. This is the club's annual fund raising ride that benefits the Tallgrass Trail.

The Park District has to raise funds to receive matching grants to extend the trail and clear it for all sorts of recreational use. Later this year the paved trail will be extended from 1/4 mile to 3 miles. In the Fall of 2015 it should be extended another 3 miles, all due to your generous donations, support of the H.O.T. Tamale and matching funds from the Clean Ohio Green Space Fund.

I regularly ride out to Tallgrass Trail to enjoy the area. It's also perfect for walks, nature hikes, cross country skiing, picnics, bird watching and so much more. Yes, I am bias dues to my love of cycling, but I also want a healthier community and envision families using the trail for safe biking and lifelong learning. I love standing on the bridges and seeing beavers building homes. The Prairie flowers are wonderful and attract wild life. The lake is beautiful and will soon feature a walking trail around it.

So, if Saturday morning finds you looking for something to do, join us for a fun flat ride in beautiful Marion County, Ohio. The rides range from 8 miles to 64 miles and the weather is going to be perfect!

CLICK HERE for details of the H.O.T. Tamale Bicycle Tour

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Tallgrass Trail

Your support of these will benefit a healthier community for all of us and so much more!