Randy and I were invited to the Ohio State Fair last night to enjoy the food, fun and the concert featuring Joan Jet & The Blackhearts and Heart. We had a great time and enjoyed some of the fair food. The Taste of Ohio Pavilion features foods from around the Buckeye State and supports local farmers and businesses. We met up with Marion County Commissioner Ken Stiverson and he showed us some of his State Fair creations. Randy had to sample them!


I was interested in the Chicken and Waffles on a stick, but after enjoying Ken's pork creations, I was full... but not too full for a $2 bowl of Ohio homemade Mac & Cheese and an Ohio Craft Beer.


The concert was fantastic. Joan Jet was, as always, rocking! AND I had never seen Heart before and I can say that Ann Wilson at 64 still has an amazing and super strong voice that had me in awe. Little sister Nancy will always be one of the best rock guitarists in history. Great show!