The scale … it’s your best friend when you’re losing weight and your worst enemy when you’re gaining. Some diet and exercise experts say you should never get on scale and should only gauge results by how your clothes fit. Others say embrace the scale and use it as a tool in your weight loss plan.

Me? I try to weigh myself about once a month, when I feel it won't depress me if it says I gained a pound or two. Sometimes, when I am feeling pretty good about myself, I'll weigh myself a little more, even once a week. BUT when I'm not feeling it, I tend to avoid the scale.

How about you? 

Poll: How Often Do You Weigh Yourself


 A poll asked: Do You Weigh Yourself?

  • Yes, I check regularly. – 59%
  • Yes, I weigh myself once in a while. – 21%
  • No, I rarely step on a scale. – 20%