Many Americans are dog lovers. And, even people who don’t own dogs would have a tough time finding something wrong with them. What’s not to love about affection, comfort, entertainment, and obedience?

When you think about, humans can actually learn quite a bit from dogs.

Here’s a rundown of some things dogs can teach us about love:

  • Always be happy to see the person you love – There’s a lull in energy in the afternoon. If you’re able to increase your enthusiasm when you see your significant other, the night will finish strong and filled with fun.
  • Support your partner's hopes and dreams – Dogs think everything you do is the coolest, most brilliant thing ever. If you support your mate in this way, there will be zero resentment and your mate will be as enthused about life as ever.
  • Show affection – Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. So, show your affection in addition to verbalizing your love. You don’t have to lick the face of your significant other. But, a quick hug or a pat on the behind goes a long way. (YourTango)