Whether you are off the market or not, everyone has a celebrity crush. You can tell a lot about your guy based solely on which superstar he can't get enough of. Here are some popular celebs and what it means if your guy gets giddy just thinking about her:

  • Emma Watson: His crush has to have come from her role as Hermione. Aside from her looks, she's smart, talented and magical. What's not to love?! Most importantly, though, is the fact that she falls for her best friend Ron – a pretty ordinary guy – which makes her even more appealing! There is something super appealing to guys about the seemingly unattainable girl falling for a regular guy!
  • Jennifer Lawrence: That goofy, girl next door charm is irresistible to everyone. Your guy values personality as well as beauty, and knows that a good raunchy joke and the ability to laugh at yourself goes a long, long way!
  • Rihanna: Your guy not only appreciates artistic talent, but a take me as I am personality. Rihanna is who she is and she never apologizes for her opinions or antics. Strong, independent and uncompromising – never be afraid to voice your opinions around this guy!
  • Scarlett Johansson: When you think of Scarlett, it's all about sex appeal ... she is all woman! Curvaceous and sensual – your guy is a visual creature who appreciates how much effort you put into looking good for him.
  • Kate Upton: Seriously, what guy isn't crushing on her?! If he is a living, breathing man that has seen her dancing the Dougie ... he's got a crush!
  • Zooey Dechanel: Dorkability – plain and simple. Cute as a button and sort of awkward, she is a geeky guy's dream. Your guy likes a girl who isn't afraid to be fun and silly, but is still smart as a whip.