What Some People Consider a Waste of Money

The Reddit community asked users: “What do you consider a total waste of money that a lot of society doesn’t?” Some of the responses will have you reconsidering how you spend your money! Think about these:

Funerals: Funerals are extremely expensive and it certainly seems like the industry preys on the emotions and delicateness of grieving family members.

Throwing away food that has just expired: Unless there is actual mold on the food or the milk smells like its turned, chances are eating a day or two past the expiration date is no big deal. We waste a lot of food!

Getting the newest cell phone for a lot of money when you can get last year’s model for practically nothing: The FOMO associated with not having the latest and greatest tech is getting out of hand. In reality, the differences aren’t that significant from year to year.

Buying a coffee every morning: That latte a day habit adds up to a pretty penny at the end of the year.

Diamond engagement rings: Thankfully, new trends are seeing a lot of different gems in engagement rings that are a lot less expensive.

Super expensive designer sneakers: Unless you are a professional athlete, do you need basketball shoes that cost over $200?!

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