Majority Of Americans Open To Video Doctor Visits

It’s no secret that most people these days rely on technology to get them through their daily lives, but it seems a lot of folks are actually willing to rely on tech for their health as well. 

A new study finds that a majority of Americans would be perfectly happy not having to actually visit their doctors when they're sick. In fact, 65% of those polled say they’d be interested in seeing their primary care physician via video, with 20% of people saying they’d gladly switch their current PCP if they offered telehealth visits.

Not surprising, parents seem to be the most open to the convenience of video doctor visits, with 74% of parents with kids under 18 saying they’d be willing see their PCP through a video visit.

For those with chronic conditions constantly going to the doctor can be a pain, so it seems those patients are most willing to have their doctor visits via telehalth services. Overall, 60% of consumers would be willing to have a video visit with their doctor for a chronic condition, while 67% of those ages 45 to 64 with a chronic condition would see their doctor online. In addition, 79% of people caring for an ill or aging relative feel video health services would be very helpful.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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