The Things That Motivate Us To Travel

We doubt there are many people who don’t like to go on vacation, and while it’s easy to pack up and head out of town, or to visit family in another state, for a lot of people there are destinations that they dream about visiting.

According to a new survey, 63% of people have “bucket list” destinations that they hope to visit one day. As for what inspires us to get away, 27% of folks say “adventure and exploration,” followed by “rest and relaxation (25%), new experiences (16%) and “time away with family and friends.”

And a variety of things can spark a person’s decision to take a trip. In fact, 73% of people say hearing of a good deal has motivated them to search for a flight, while 30% have started making plans after hearing about someone else’s trip, 18% have been inspired by something they’ve seen in a movie or TV show and 19% have started researching trips after getting a bonus or raise.

  • And it seems vacation itself can spark people to think about another vacation. The survey finds that 9% of people have searched for flights while still on vacation, although that number goes up to 11% for men, and only 7% for women.


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