Southwest Flight Attendant Blows Bubbles To Calm Crying Baby

Flying with little kids can be overwhelming and stressful, even when you’re fully prepared with snacks, toys, and an iPad loaded with kid movies. And when your kid starts to meltdown mid-flight, the flight attendants can make it worse by telling you to control your child, but sometimes they actually help make the situation better for everyone.

That was the case on a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Pittsburgh. Carrie Jaboor was seated behind a mom and her two young daughters, and halfway through the flight, the little one started crying and nothing mom tried was helping. So the flight attendant came and asked her to step to the back, where she feared she’d “get in trouble.”

But this brilliant flight attendant started blowing bubbles for the baby. He knew just what to do to help the tot calm right down. Jaboor shared the story on the Love What Matters Facebook page and says the bubble trick even helped lift her spirits, too.

SourceScary Mommy

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