A Pre-Teen Is Researching Antioxidants And Cancer

A 12-year-old is making strides in linking antioxidants to cancer suppression.

Georgia seventh-grader Stephen Litt is continuing his research on how antioxidants affect cancer tumors after winning several awards at the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair. Litt’s project involved an antioxidant found in tea and how it prevented cancer tumors in flatworms.

He plans to experiment with the antioxidant further, in hopes it will remove existing tumors, or "something along those lines.”

Litt spent his spring break touring Tufts University’s research lab. The boy’s passion for research began when his mother, a dental hygienist, looked into how different sodas eroded teeth.

After Tuft’s, Harvard and MIT planned on courting him too.

Source: Marietta Daily Journal

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