Americans Are Not Getting Medical Attention Because Of Cost

posted by Paul James -

Healthcare is one of the biggest debates in the country at the moment, and there’s good reason for that. Even with insurance, a lot of people can’t afford to get medical help, which is pretty scary.

A new Bankrate survey finds that 25% of American families skipped getting needed medical attention simply because of the cost, with those ages 27 to 36 most likely to avoid the doctor because of finances (32%).

As you can imagine, Americans are very concerned about the ongoing healthcare debate in Washington, with 56% worried they may not have affordable healthcare in the future, with those 37 to 52 the most concerned (64%) and the Silent Generation the least (35%).

And no matter what President Trump is saying, folks aren’t exactly confident in his party's health plan. Overall, 43% of Americans say they prefer the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare," to the Republicans plan (25%), and those numbers are similar across most demographics except, of course, political party.




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