Americans Are Not Getting Medical Attention Because Of Cost

Healthcare is one of the biggest debates in the country at the moment, and there’s good reason for that. Even with insurance, a lot of people can’t afford to get medical help, which is pretty scary.

A new Bankrate survey finds that 25% of American families skipped getting needed medical attention simply because of the cost, with those ages 27 to 36 most likely to avoid the doctor because of finances (32%).

As you can imagine, Americans are very concerned about the ongoing healthcare debate in Washington, with 56% worried they may not have affordable healthcare in the future, with those 37 to 52 the most concerned (64%) and the Silent Generation the least (35%).

And no matter what President Trump is saying, folks aren’t exactly confident in his party's health plan. Overall, 43% of Americans say they prefer the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare," to the Republicans plan (25%), and those numbers are similar across most demographics except, of course, political party.


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