Chrissy Teigen Admits She Married The Wrong John

Almost 12 years ago, John Legend met Chrissy Teigen. Nearly five years ago the two wed. They've since had two kids, two-year-old Luna and newborn Miles, and seem like they are happily in love and meant to be together. However, that all changed when Chrissy took a Buzzfeed quiz. The quiz, titled "Plan A Brunch And We’ll Reveal Which Famous John Was Destined To Be Your Bae," should have absolutely paired the 32-year-old model with the 39-year-old singer, but Chrissy wound up with another John. Teigen tweeted out the results, letting the world know she and The Office star John Krasinski should be "stuffing [their] faces with lox bagels and pancakes." 


Krasinski caught wind of the very official quiz results (which misspell his name) and tweeted at Legend, explaining how surprised he was by it... or maybe he wasn't.


Even though it's clear she is meant to be brunching with Krasinski, it seems that Chrissy is going to stick it out with Legend. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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