Family Caregivers Need to Know Up-To-Date Safety Tips

These days, it’s really hard to find people you’ll trust completely with your kids, but the folks at the Cleveland Clinic say that all that great help from your extended family – especially your mom and dad may need a tweak.

Dr. Ellen Rome with Cleveland Clinic Children's says it's important to keep all caregivers informed – and that you may need to update them on important safety recommendations. For example, one example is back in the 90’s when the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation to put babies on their back to sleep. Parents who raised babies before that may not be aware of this.

Dr. Rome says communication between parent and grandparent is key. She recommends sending the caregiver to websites where they can see all of the current and most up-to-date recommendations. If they’re not Internet-savvy, print them out…or perhaps bring them with you to the pediatrician for your kids’ appointments.

Source: Cleveland Clinic

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