The Habits of Toxic People

Being near a person like this can not only take a toll on your mental health but the physical. Here are the signs to look for.

  • Passive aggressive comments. They make themselves feel better by making you feel bad. “You look great! See what happens when you care about your appearance?” is a great example.
  • Gaslighting. It’s when a person convinces another that they are “remembering things wrong.” And eventually the alternate reality sticks.
  • Blaming Others. A toxic person can’t accept responsibility for anything they have done. In the end, the other takes the blame when they actually have none.
  • They are never wrong. Alternate facts come into play here.
  • Drama. Toxic people love it! They backstab, bed-hop and manipulate.
  • They lack empathy. This is a big one. They certainly can’t support you if they really don’t care.

If someone you know fits this mold. Run away. Fast.

Source: Bustle

Paul James

Paul James

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