Colon Cancer Deaths On The Rise!

A new study is showing a disturbing trend when it comes to colon cancer. Doctor Alok Khorana with the Cleveland Clinic didn't take part in the study, but says the results show colon cancer deaths are on the rise for some people.

Researchers found the increase in death rates from colon cancer for younger folks only applied to white patients. Current U.S. recommendations call for colonoscopy screenings to begin at age 50 for people who don't have a family history of colon cancer. Doctor Khorana says this study isn't enough to suggest everyone should be screened before age 50. He says more research needs to be done to determine who should be targeted for earlier screening.

The study shows the disease is increasing, not just deaths, in people between 22 and 54. Considering the screenings begin at age 50, the news is unsettling for the researchers. The study highlights that obesity and a sedentary lifestyle contribute to a higher risk for the disease.

Source: CBS News

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