What Are The Worst Mistakes You Can Make at Work?

A whole new set of college seniors have probably already begun what could be their final year of schooling before heading off to the workforce, and apparently a lot of them are worried about what’s to come after college. 

According to a new survey, 42% of students are worried about choosing the wrong job and missing out on other opportunities when they graduate, while 39% are worried about not learning quickly enough on the job and making mistakes. 

And it’s reasonable to worry about making mistakes on the job, because a lot of employees, and not just those new to the workforce, are making them. The survey talked to CFOs to ask them about the common mistakes workers make, and some of them may have you shaking your head. 

Top Ten Common Mistakes By Employees

  1. Consistently coming in late
  2. Not showing up for work at all
  3. Not following company policies
  4. Making errors in their work
  5. Not asking for help
  6. Being rude to customers
  7. Not paying attention to detail
  8. Sharing office-related information on social media
  9. Spending too much time on personal devices
  10. Not living up to claimed qualifications

Source: Robert Half

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