Standing On Dirt In Bare Feet Might Cure Jetlag

While taking a getaway to a far off location may be great, dealing with jetlag on the return can be a nightmare. While most people deal with it by trying to get a lot of sleep, or taking a lot of cold showers, some people swear by another method that doesn’t seem all that difficult. 

The so-called easy solution to jetlag is called “earthing” or “grounding,” and all you have to do is take off your shoes and rub your feet in the dirt. Well-being expert Dave Asprey suggests in his book, “Headstrong,” that jetlag occurs because flying disrupts the electrical charge in our body’s water cells and putting your feet in the dirt puts you in touch with the negative electrical charge in the earth, thereby rejuvenating the body.

“When you go up in an airplane, you build up a static charge in your body that slows the mitochondrial function,” he says. “In other words, the battery in your body doesn’t hold a charge as well because you were disconnected from the earth.”

And if you can’t find dirt around you, there are other options for re-charging. You can buy a grounding mat for $40 online that will do it for you, and sand can also work, with the salt water helping the process. 

Source: New York Post

Paul James

Paul James

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