There's a Pumpkin Spice Food Spray!

It’s the season of “pumpkin spice everything,” and we are well into it at this point (as you probably know if you’ve been anywhere near a Starbucks in the last couple of weeks). And with each year comes a new pumpkin spice produce it seems. The newest pumpkin spice product? It’s actually a pumpkin spice spray – making it easier for you to put pumpkin spice on pretty much anything.


Simple Beyond’s Pumpkin Spray-On Spice is about $11 and works like cooking spray. The spray is made of essential oils of the usual spices found in a pumpkin mixture like cinnamon and nutmeg. So now instead of having to use the ACTUAL spices, you can just whip out a can of this stuff and literally spray away. Too far? Probably. But they’ll make pumpkin spice ANYTHING these days.


Source: Bustle

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