The Kindness of a 5 Year Old Inspires a School!

In Michigan, a five-year-old kindergarten student personally wanted to help her classmates afford a carton of milk at snack time – and ended up inspiring a major charity effort that will cover the cost of milk for her classmates for an entire year.

Jackie Oelfke noticed her granddaughter, Sunshine, playing with her piggy bank. At first, Jackie thought Sunshine was just counting her money. Then, she realized Sunshine was putting the money in her backpack in order to help her friend, Layla, afford the milk at snack time.

Jackie was so touched by this generosity that she posted a picture and the story on Facebook. That Facebook posting got so much attention that a GoFundMe campaign was set up. The original goal was to raise $5,000 for milk. Amazingly, the campaign far exceeded that original goal and now, all the kids in Sunshine’s class who need help will get milk each day for the rest of the school year.


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