Advice On Money Management From An 11yr Old!

Like many 11-year-olds, Ryan Reynaert of Grand Ledge, Michigan, gets a weekly allowance. But instead of spending all of his earnings on candy and toys, Ryan has made it a habit to donate a big portion to charity.

He splits his allowance into three jars: "give," "save" and "spend" -- and he puts at least $1 in each jar when he gets his allowance every Monday.

And because of all the money he put in the "give" jar last year, he was able to donate $100 to his local Red Cross chapter, helping the group purchase a new emergency response vehicle.

Ryan says he was motivated to help the Red Cross purchase a new vehicle because it helps people who are in trouble and need it the most.

He also admits that he's able to easily spend less than he makes because it makes him feel good to help people. 


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