You Might Want To Roast Two Turkeys This Thanksgiving

While most of us are worried about frying or roasting the turkey for Thanksgiving, some families don’t do the holiday without two turkeys. This isn’t because they’re feeding a massive crowd, it’s because one is roasted whole for folks to ooh and aah over and one is prepared just for eating. Why not just eat the whole bird? Private chef Gail Arnold explains that those aren’t actually that tasty.

Arnold has been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for Steven Spielberg and his family for the last 20-something years and she always makes two birds. “If you have a whole turkey and you’re waiting for the thighs to cook thoroughly, the breasts tend to dry out,” she explains. So for taste’s sake, she cuts the turkey up, separating the breast, legs, and thighs. But sliced meat doesn’t look as pretty on a plate, so, she always makes a “presentation turkey” that exists for the “wow” factor and becomes delicious leftovers later.

Arnold isn’t the only chef who does the two turkey Thanksgiving. On “The Bobby and Damaris Show,” chef Bobby Flay admits he makes not two, but three turkeys - one for show and two to eat.

Source: New York Post

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