What Are Peeps Talking About Today? (Weds, Jan. 16, 2019)

How much time do you spend staring at a screen? If you’re like most Americans, that answer is about half the time you’re awake.

A survey by contact lens company CooperVision found that 42 percent of the time Americans are awake, our eyes are on some kind of screen -- television, phone, computer, tablet, etc. According to the researchers, we spend about 7 hours a day staring at a screen. And it’s getting worse. 79 percent of those surveyed said their screen time has gone up over the past five years, with 40 percent admitting it’s gone up “a lot.” And 75 percent of those surveyed said they think they spend too much time in front of screens. Get this … 53 percent said they take breaks from the computer -- by checking their phone. And 27 percent said they watch TV and look at their phone at the same time. 73 percent admit that all that screen time makes them feel lethargic, and 64 percent said they feel happier when they take a serious screen break. (Study Finds)  

Your winter wear is covered in germs … Do you wash your hats, gloves and scarves? You may want to start. According to researchers from the University of Virginia, viruses can survive outside of your body for weeks. And all sorts of yucky germs are living and lurking in your winter accessories. Think of all the things you touch wearing your gloves. And your scarf touches your face, hair, mouth. Yeah, time to start washing them. (The Ladders)  

How’s your day going, Alexa? A survey found that 26 percent of respondents say they want their smart speaker to eventually hold a conversation with them. Hmmm. (Survey Monkey)  

Can you guess the price of the average engagement ring? According to Brides’ 2018 American Wedding Study,  the average engagement ring costs $7,829. And the price of the average wedding? More than $44,000.   

Urine therapy … Seems a new Facebook trend called “urine therapy” is encouraging people to drink their own urine – in order to “eliminate disease.” Fans of the trend believe that drinking your own pee will not only cure all sorts of illnesses, but will also give you more energy. Facebook group Urine Therapy: The Real Universal Remedy, believes urine “opens doors of your soul” and “heals every part of your being.” They even offer advice such as: “The mid-stream of the first-morning urine is the most important drink of the day.” They also suggest things like urine eye-drops, gargling with your pee, and even aging your urine like whiskey to enhance the effects. Not surprisingly, experts say there is no evidence to support these claims. (NY Post)

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