Today's Topics of Discussion! (Thurs, Jan. 17, 2019)

Are you addicted to social media? Researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that people who become social media addicts engage in the same kinds of behaviors as those who are addicted to hard drugs. It seems that many of these “addicts” end up using the same bad decision-making processes as people who abuse opioids, cocaine and meth. (Tribune India)  

Just take a sick day … It’s cold and flu season, and as anyone who works in an office knows, co-workers coming in sick can wreak havoc on your health. But it seems that Americans are taking fewer and fewer sick days. According to research by LinkedIn, on average, employees took just 2.5 sick days in 2018 -- and 20 percent of workers surveyed said they couldn’t afford to miss a day of work.

A growing trend? People working from home when they are sick – instead of using that time to rest and get better. According to Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency care physician in New York, “If you’re going to stay at home, that means resting, not working. Sleep is how you fight the illness. It’s a restorative medicine. When you deprive yourself of that rest, you’re prolonging the illness for days.” (Market Watch)  

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching … and if taking your sweetie to White Castle is on your romance bucket list, you better make a reservation now.  White Castle is now accepting Valentine’s Day reservations, and more than 30,000 slider lovers are expected to sign up. You can make reservations via Open Table or the Open Table app. (The Daily Meal)  

Millennials in the hole … Many people make fun of Millennials because they seem to be putting their lives on hold and don’t seem to be eager to “launch.” Well, a new study suggests there’s a very good reason for this. Right now, the average Millennial is dealing with an average of $32,000 worth of debt, with much of this debt coming from student loans. Because of this money trouble, their hands are tied a bit. Even if they wanted to launch, it would be tough because so much of their earnings has to go toward paying off that debt. (CNBC)

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