Our Wayback Time Warp Songs of The Day Celebrate a 30th & 35th Anniversary!

Today's Time Warp "Way Back Songs of The Day" are both celebrating an anniversary and both are a huge part of my personal history I will never forget!

The first has so many memories for me. I was working for my father in the maintenance department at St. James the Less School & Church in Columbus. I was a senior at St. Francis DeSales High School and was on a team renovating the schools locker rooms. The song came on the radio, as a debut single, and we all fell in love! Van Halen's "Jump" was the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 8, 1985!

The second Time Warp "Way Back Song Of The Day" was all over the radio when my wife and I were "just friends" in February of 1989!

She was living in Marion, going to THE Ohio State University and working on the radio in Bucyrus. I was in Washington Court House, Ohio doing a morning show in the smallest radio market in the world! BUT we both spent our free time writing letters back and forth to each other, all of which I still have! Yes, it was before the interwebs, and smart phones. We literally wrote back and forth several times a week, went to the post office, bought stamps and mailed letters! In those letters we talked about life, radio, parties BUT mostly MUSIC! We would make "Mix Tapes" of new music we'd each discovered in the past several weeks and share with each other via the USPS. It was a beautiful, magical time for us both.

On this week, back then, she sent me a cassette that featured a band I hadn't even heard of. "Sheriff?" "Who's That?" I would write back to her. BUT I also told her that song was quite sweet, but not rocking enough for my tastes! In July of 1989, I would finally discover why she put the song on the tape! You can figure it out for yourself.

It's only week ever of number one on Billboards Hot 100 was on February 8, 1989!

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