How Your Self-Gaslighting is Destroying Your Career!

Gaslighting is something that mostly gets talked about as an external force like when a politician lies or a toxic partner treats us like crap. But did you know you might be your own biggest gaslighter? Here are some ways you are emotionally abusing yourself and hurting your career.

  • Minimizing. According to Still Waters Counseling, a common self-gaslighting thought is that you “can’t complain because others have it worse” or thinking you’re “probably overacting.” When you convince yourself these are true all you’re really doing is devaluing your own feelings.
  • Blaming. Another gaslighting staple is throwing blame around. It’s one thing to hold yourself accountable, it’s another to think “this is all my fault” when you may not have been involved in the problem at all. But you don’t win any prizes for self-flagellation.
  • Supplicating. Here’s your word of the day: Supplication. It’s “the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly.” When it comes to self-gaslighting in the workplace this could mean apologizing for floating a new idea or getting embarrassed when you need a day off. The main thing is you’re groveling to people that never asked for it.

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Source:The Ladders