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Children are going to be completely bored by July 2 — as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research.

Three in four parents agreed that keeping their child entertained this summer will be quite a challenge, due to the limited number of activities and events.

A new survey of 2,000 parents of school-aged children found the average respondent is going to miss out on four planned events.

Results revealed the average parent surveyed already spent $125.63 on average for planned events that will likely not happen.

And, unfortunately, one in four said that money is nonrefundable.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ally Financial, polled 2,000 parents to gauge the effect COVID-19 is likely to have on our future summer plans and revealed things aren’t looking too good.

Eight in 10 parents surveyed feel their summer will be negatively impacted by the pandemic.

The survey found the top plan going by the wayside this summer is a fun trip to the beach, as half of those polled said they had a beach plan that is more than likely going to be interrupted.

Nearly half also had a vacation spoiled as a result of the pandemic, while nearly four in 10 said they’ll likely have to cancel a birthday party.

Another one in six (17 percent) even said they’ve had to delay a big move due to the recent health crisis.

Over half of the panel said they had a child who was celebrating a birthday this summer and, of those, 87 percent are worried about how to go about making that day special for them.

Fifty-five percent of those said they plan on having a small get-together with just family for their child’s birthday, with 19 percent hosting some type of virtual party.

Sadly, over one in 10 said they plan on doing nothing at all for their child’s birthday as a result of the pandemic.

And while most parents (64 percent) feel guilty that their children won’t have a typical summer this year, there does appear to be a silver lining.

Seven in 10 said they are actually looking forward to having a slower summer in order to spend more time hanging out with their children.

Top 10 summer events canceled due to COVID-19

  1. Trip to the beach: 49 percent
  2. Vacation: 48 percent
  3. Normal party: 39 percent
  4. Birthday party: 38 percent
  5. Family reunion: 34 percent
  6. Your own birthday: 30 percent
  7. Cookout: 25 percent
  8. Work trip: 23 percent
  9. Concert: 22 percent
  10. A move: 17 percent

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