Helping The Homeless By The Thousands With an Invention!

Bob Rutherford is 88 and making a huge impact on the lives of the homeless this winter by knitting them socks.

He’s not just sitting on a sofa with knitting needles and working by hand. Instead, he created a knitting machine that makes socks by the thousands.

At first, Bob was inspired by doubters, that he could make a cheap knitting machine that could knit quickly – so he worked to prove them wrong.

He built two machines, and they've manufactured over 10,000 pairs of wool socks, which he has donated to homeless shelters in Canada.

He calls his mission "Socks by Bob" and says that the machines can knit 90 stitches a second.

And as much as the socks help others, Bob admits that the project is also helping him, because it has given him – and his friends who help –new purpose.


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