NFL QB Helps Find a Missing Toddler!

A couple weeks ago, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr broke his leg in a game, which ended his season. But, believe it or not, something good came out of this injury, as Derek was able to help authorities find a missing child.

You see, if Derek – who’s a father of two himself – had been healthy, he would have most likely been playing in a game over the weekend. But because he was home, he had time to resend a message he saw on Twitter about a missing Oakland toddler to a whopping 247,000 people who follow him.

Sure enough. One Twitter user saw the message and called 911 after seeing a car matching the description, leading to police finding the child safe.

Derek is expected to be back on the field next season – and hopes to continue helping others along his road to recovery. 

(San Francisco Chronicle)

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