6 yr Old Holds a Toy Giveaway

Parents of young kids know what it's like to have their homes completely overrun with toys. Often, parents might toss a toy in the trash or threaten to throw them out. But a six-year-old boy in Florida had a much better idea.

Blake Work decided to get to work on clearing his house of unwanted toys and set up a stand in front of his house offering free toys to kids in need.

Blake's lemonade-type stand was surrounded by a pile of toys and a sign which read, "Cheer up, kids! Come to Blake Work’s house. We have free toys for you!”

Blake's mom, Melissa, explained, "He was overwhelmed with all the toys and we talked about those toys being blessings. We explained to him that not every kid gets to have toys like that, if any. That really hurt his heart. Then he said, 'I have an idea.'"

Melissa posted the free toy stand on various garage sale websites and then handed out toys, games and books for hours.

Any toy that wasn't taken was donated to Blake's school. 

(Good News Network

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