Throw This Out Of Your Kitchen Right Now

A lot of us have no room in our kitchens because of the amount of gadgets we've acquired over the years. Maybe your first flatware set is taking up unneeded space, or you can't let go of that mug you bought the first day of college. Whatever it is, it might be time to figure out what you do and don't need. Maybe keep the mug, but get rid of those old pots you've worn through. Here's what to throw out of your kitchen right now to reclaim your space.


  • Random oils and vinegars that have crusted tops - Buy different ones. Use them. Don't let this happen again!
  • Spices that you never use - Just give them to your neighbor.
  • Tupperware containers that have seen their day and then some - No one wants to take a tupperware that has permanent stains on it to work.
  • Half opened boxes of pasta - Just buy a new box for 99 cents...
  • Rock solid brown sugar - It will never see its prime again.
  • Anything stale - Who wants to eat that?


Source: Refinery29

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