Here's Why You've Stopped Losing Weight

If you've made a healthy change in 2017, congrats! A healthy lifestyle is always a good idea. However, you might have noticed that you hit a roadblock and stopped losing weight all of a sudden. Here's why you might have plateaued, according to fitness expert Tony Gentilcore.


  • You stopped portioning your food - Gentilcore says eyeballing is not enough to accurately see what you should be eating.
  • You treat yourself literally all the time - “You could run an extra five miles, but it’s really easy to reward yourself with more than 500 calories,” he says. “The reward usually far exceeds the extra calories you expended.”
  • You go to the gym, but don't move enough elsewhere - If you're only ever being active in the gym, you're missing out on reaping the benefits of being active outside the gym, too.
  • You're not as consistent - Gentilcore says for a fitness program to actually work, you have to stick to it for long enough to see it work.
  • You don't take time to recover properly - He says the faster you recover, the faster you can go back to the gym and exercise at full capacity!


Source: Women’s Health

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