Are You a Secret Spender?

It’s never a good thing to keep secrets, especially when it comes to money, but apparently there are a lot of people out there doing just that.

According to a new report by, 12-million people in America are keeping their spouse or partner in the dark about a hidden bank account or credit card. And the secrets don’t stop there. About 28% of folks have spent more than $500 without letting their significant other know.

But apparently, some people don’t get too bent out of shape about such financial secrets. Believe it or not, 33% of people believe it’s fine if their partner spends more than $500 without telling them, although not everyone is down with such secret spending. The survey finds that 70% of those under 30 have problems with their partner spending such a large amount without informing them, while 65% of those with kids feel the same, as compared to 53% of those without kids. 

And the truth is, not everyone keeps such secrets from their mate. There are 20% of Americans who say they’ve only spent about $25 without first telling their partner, with parents (29%) twice as likely to say that as compared to non-parents (15%).


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