How To Make The Treadmill Less Boring

Running on a treadmill can be dreadful. After all, there's a reason people call it a "dreadmill." That doesn't mean you can't turn it all around, though. There are actually a number of good ways to make your treadmill experience better and it all starts with setting a goal for yourself.


  • A personal trainer, Susan Simon, says setting a goal can make all the difference. Whether it's 20 minutes or 10 miles, setting a goal can really help.
  • Listen to music you know – Simon says, "You might want to sing along through long miles.”
  • Think about your body – According to Simon: "Good form helps you conserve energy, which can make all the difference.”
  • Dedicate a minute to a person – One minute per person can help it go by so much faster.
  • Pick a show to binge watch – "Stranger Things" will help you speed through your workout!


Source: Refinery29

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