How To Stay Motivated In The Morning

Staying motivated every day is hard. You have to wake up with a brand new attitude each morning, and unless you're really disciplined with your emotions, that's a pretty difficult task. Not all hope should be lost, however. Here are the habits you can get into to make sure every morning sets the tone for a good day:


  • Do not hit snooze - This will delay your day and keep you from getting to it.
  • Create a morning playlist - It'll be easier to get things done when you have tunes you love to accompany you.
  • Drink a big glass of water - Physical therapist Liam Champion says, "Too many people go straight for the coffee to get that needed caffeine fix, however water will improve your morning motivation much more." Think about it: You haven't had water in eight hours.
  • Make your bed - "There is ... evidence that making your bed is a 'keystone' habit that makes you more productive throughout the day," says Productivity consultant Sharon F. Danzger.
  • Keep it simple - Let's be real, mornings are tough. The goal is to get yourself ready so you don't have to get ready.


Source: Bustle

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