How Do Power Couples Have a Lasting Marriage

Couples who work hard, stay together. That's right, power couples don't just become successful overnight. There's lots of hard work that goes into keeping a happy relationship when it comes to hardworking individuals. Here's how power couples make it last.


  • They spend time together - This is priority one. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has an agreement with his wife where they go on one date per week and spend 100 minutes with one another outside the apartment and outside work.
  • They don't do chores and waste time - Groceries and laundry? Not on the list of to-dos. Do you really think Beyoncé and Jay Z hit the laundromat together?
  • They do good things for others - They spend time helping others by being generous in their everyday lives. If you're feeling down, help someone else.
  • They listen to each other - What's a relationship without communication?
  • They end problems before they begin - If there's an issue, it's addressed before it becomes one.
  • And...they express appreciation for one another - If you get lazy and comfortable, don't expect it to last.


Source: BusinessInsider

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