Money Doesn’t Necessarily Make People Happy

Everybody’s heard the old saying, “money can’t buy you happiness” and it seems most people really do agree with that sentiment.

A new survey finds that 71% of people believe their lives would be better with more money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will make them happy. In fact, only 40% of people believe that money brings meaning to their lives, and 81% say that people obsessed with money aren’t really experiencing the true meaning of life. 

And while these days it seems that folks are obsessed with buying the latest product or hot outfit, 50% of people actually believe they’d be happier if they consumed less. In addition, 73% of people admire folks who are rich, but still live a simple life.

Of course, debt is a major source of unhappiness for folks. The survey finds that 70% of people believe they’d be happier if they had less debt, although they are willing to go into debt for a few important reasons. Among them: buying a home (50%), paying for children's education (40%), investing in one's own business (31%), and buying a car (27%).

Source: Yahoo Finance

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