Places In Your Home You Always Forget To Clean!

There are nooks and crannies everywhere you look; but how often do we bother to tidy up there? If you want a healthier and cleaner home, hit these havens for germs and dirt.

  • Lampshades. Seriously, who ever bothers? You’d be surprised how bright the room gets when you pass a lint roller over them.
  • Kitchen utensil drawer organizers. We touch that stuff to our food and yet the germs around them build up over time.
  • The tops of ceiling fan blades. Use an old pillowcase to dust hem and contain the debris.
  • Your hairbrush. Disgusting over time, they need some TLC. Check HERE on how to clean your brush.
  • Pet bowls. They need cleaning…real cleaning daily. How would you feel eating off a dirty plate?
  • Dryer lint trap. After a while, it’s a fire waiting to happen and of course will kill the performance of the machine.

Source: Buzzfeed

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