Why Are First-Time Travel Experiences So Awesome!

There’s nothing like going to a destination for the very first time, and apparently for some people the experience is so great it can actually be life changing. A new Bookings.com poll finds that 21% of people actually decided to move somewhere new because of a first-time travel experience, while 13% have switched jobs and another 13% have changed their relationship. 

First time travel experiences are so great to some that 53% of people say they're more exciting than a first date, while 51% say they’re better than a new job, 62% prefer them to making a new friend, and 36% of people actually say they are better than a first kiss. 

So, what makes first-time travel so life changing? Well, 65% of people say that taking the risk on a first-time travel experience boosts their confidence, while 61% say being well traveled can make you more interesting, and 45% of people believe it makes them more successful not only in their career, but in life as well.

As for what types of new travel experiences people are interested in for 2017, 44% are interested in road trips, while 39% want to experience eco tours, 23% are looking into spiritual adventures and 21% are interested in volunteering based trips.

 Source: Booking.com

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