Majority Of Americans Are Afraid Of Self-Driving Cars

While it seems like a self-driving car is a convenience most people would love to experience, in truth, not many Americans are excited by the new technology. According to a survey by AAA, three quarters of Americans admit they are “afraid” to ride in a self-driving car, which is unchanged from last year.

And even if they aren’t driving the cars themselves, people aren’t too thrilled with the idea of the cars being on the road. In fact, 54% of drivers say the idea of sharing the road with self-driving vehicles makes them feel less safe, while 34% say it wouldn’t make a difference and 10% believe they would feel safer.

In general, women tend to be more hesitant about self-driving vehicles than men (54% vs 34%), while Millennials are more open to the idea than other generations, with only 41% feeling less safe with them on the road, as compared to 56% of Gen Xers and 60% of Baby Boomers.

  • But just because people don’t feel comfortable with a vehicle that drives itself, doesn’t mean they aren’t open to having some autonomous features in their car. The survey finds that 59% of folks are ready to embrace some of the technology, although they don’t want to give up complete control.

Source: AAA

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