Save $$$$ By Making Your Own Latte at Home!

You can make a nice nest egg by simply making your own favorite coffee drinks at home.

We don’t often think of saving these days, but 300-thousand dollars is nothing to sneeze at, so here is how you save. Make your own latte or cappuccino at home. You don’t even need the expensive appliance to do it, either, so there is even more savings for you!

Dr. Beth McMillan, a student in the computer science at the University of Oxford, did the math and found that if you stopped ponying up the average $3.19 on a latté everyday and put that money into an account that paid 6% interest over 50 years, you'd end up with $337,942.69.

There are even more ways to save too. David Bach’s book “The Automatic Millionaire,” mentions “The Latte Factor,” but he goes much further with a calculator for coffee and other purchases including cigarettes and ATM fees that make you take a look at the small expenses you have every day, and how redirect that spending elsewhere.

To get you started, here’s a great “how to” for making your own high end coffee drink.

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