Plenty Of Americans Still Aren't Securing Their Phones

These days folks’ smartphones are probably the most important thing they own, but it seems a lot of people aren’t doing all they can to make sure the information on it is being protected.

While there are several things people can do to make sure their smartphones are secure, too many people are simply not doing it. A new Pew Research poll finds that 28% of people have absolutely no lock screen on their phone. Overall, 25% access their phone using a pincode, while 23% use a thumbprint scanner and 9% use either a password or a pattern of dots.

Updating your phone’s apps or operating system are also important steps to take to secure your phone, yet 40% say they only do it when it’s convenient, while 14%never update their phone’s operating system and 10% never update the apps on their phone.

Thankfully, a good portion of people are taking at least some steps to make sure their phone is secure. In general, 22% of people say they always use some sort of screen lock and regularly update their operating system and apps, although the majority of people, 75%, fall into a middle area, saying that they do those things but only when it’s convenient.

Source: Pew Research

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