The Truth About How People Get The News Today

While news organizations continue to try and expand their reach through the Internet and social media, it seems there are still a lot of folks who like to get their information through the good ol’ boob tube.

A new survey finds that 57% of Americans still favor the television as their news source, even though digital media is increasingly popular. Not surprising, the most popular TV news sources are Fox, CNN and MSNBC, with viewership to these three channels increasing seven percent (or two million viewers) in 2015.

As for newspapers, it’s true that since 2010 folks have preferred to read their news on the Internet, with the top three sources being Yahoo News, The Huffington Post and Fox News. Meanwhile “The Wall Street Journal,” “The New York Times” and USA Today” are still the top three newspaper publications out there. 

But it seems social media is playing a substantial role in how people get their news these days. In fact, 62% of Americans say they get their news from social media sources, and during the election 44% of people got their news there, as compared to only 17% in 2012. Facebook is still the top source for news on social media sites, followed by Blogger, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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