Weekend Movie Wrap Up!

As expected, "Beauty and the Beast" was pure magic at the box office this weekend. While the final numbers won't come in until later today, here are some of the records it's already brokentop opening for a March release, the highest opening for director Bill Condon, Emma Watson’s highest opening of all time, besting even "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2," and the best opening for a Disney live-action remake.

Speaking of star Watson, she's also set to make a pretty penny from her turn as Belle. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she was given a $3-million paycheck upfront, but stands to make over $15-million depending on just how much money "Beauty" makes. Here's how the rest of the very distant top five shook out: 

  1. "Beauty and the Beast" - $174-million
  2. "Kong: Skull Island" - $28.9-million
  3. "Logan" - $17.5-million
  4. "Get Out" - $13.2-million
  5. "The Shack" - $6.1-million

Source: Deadline

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