We're Becoming a Nation of Binge Watchers

These days it’s pretty apparent that folks do not like to wait a week to get their fix of their favorite TV shows. The way Americans watch content continues to change each year, and it seems like we are now a nation of binge watchers, streaming viewers and more.

A new Deloitte survey finds that 73% of Americans, and 90% of Millennials, are binge watchers, with Millennials watching an average of six episodes and five hours of viewing each week. As you can imagine, a lot of people are doing their binge watching on streaming services, with 49% of consumers paying for at least one streaming service, although 40% of folks watch more time streaming video from free services as opposed to paid ones (35%).

But folks haven’t given up on standard TV altogether. In fact, 74% of folks still spend money on cable or satellite TV, although 66% of people say the only reason they have it is because it’s bundled with their Internet.

  • As for what they are watching their shows on, those in Gen Z and Millennials spend at least 50% of their time watching programming on something other than a TV, while 60% of Gen Xers watch content on televisions, and 80% of Baby Boomers prefer their TV.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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