If You Take 1,243 Pics on Your Vacation, You'll Miss The Important Stuff!

Last week, my wife, Ann and I went to Las Vegas for a vacation. We had an amazing time, but I tired to keep my phone in my pocket for 99.9% of the trip. I did it for many reasons, mostly, so her and I could enjoy our time together in a wonderful place, we had never experienced. I did, however, shoot a few photos, mostly selfies in front of cool places to chronicle our trip for our family & friends. 

One thing I wouldn't do was wonder around with my phone constantly out running video, FB Live or taking so many pics that I missed the entire trip. Lets be honest, this vacation was for us. 

One thing that made me laugh, was when I told Ann how amazed I was at the people that almost run you over trying to get the best spot for a pic or video. Most of which are things everyone has seen for themselves or has the ability to see anytime, thanks to technology. 

One in particular was the Volcano Eruption at The Mirage. It was cool, but twice a day for as long as anyone can remember, this has been erupting for hundreds at a time. I watched no less than three times and a few times from our hotel room window. The last time, I had to snap a pic of all the people that were recording it for "The world back home."

 I mentioned to Ann, "There must be 1,200 videos of this on YouTube, that anyone can watch, anytime, so why do they need more?"

Well, come to find out, a quick YouTube video search found 55,700! And many of them were professionally done in HD! My point is this: I love to see everyone's pics from your vacation. I love seeing all of our kids excelling and making us parents proud, but lets only take a few shots for history, and put our super smart camera phones down, so we can soak up the moment in our memory LIVE and then we'll truly have it forever, not just on Insta or our FB wall, but most importantly in our hearts and minds, where no one can ever take them away.

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