A New FBI Based Law & Order

We are going to get a closer look at the FBI than anyone has ever had, The FBI is letting the makers of "Law and Order" have access to its New York offices for a new TV series. FBI Director James Comey said yesterday that he allowed the producers to have access to the bureau's offices for a year to film the documentary series. Comey said he allowed the filming because, "We have to care what people think about us." He added, "We did a lot last year that confused people."

Comey and the FBI were criticized during last year's election for their handling of an investigation into classified information on Hillary Clinton's private email server. Comey is hoping the new series, "Inside the FBI: New York," will boost the bureau's image

The filming has already happened and captured the FBI’s responses to major events, such as the Paris terror attacks in 2015 and the 2016 bombing in Chelsea, New York.

Source: CBS News

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